What happens when a vacation turns into tragedy 5,000 miles from home? Poco a Poco follows Michele Morris’s courageous journey from her husband’s shocking collapse in the Madrid airport to her heartbreaking loss six months later. Recounting her experience with brutal honesty and raw emotion, Morris invites readers to travel with her from Spain to Colorado on a journey of grief, loss, and recovery. While not religious, her spiritual journey will inspire others facing adversity, revealing how she found strength, hope, and unconditional love in the midst of tragedy. More than a memoir, Poco a Poco is a tribute to a love story that spanned forty years.

“Michele’s story of shock, suffering, hope, caregiving, and strength provides boundless insight into how pain can provide opportunities to build strength, ultimately leading to inner peace. An important read for those suffering a sudden loss or illness.”

~Rachel Blythe Kodanaz, author of Living with Loss, One Day at a Time

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Proceeds from Poco a Poco support families who have suffered similar tragedies through the Jamie Beck Family Foundation, by providing financial assistance to families who are impacted by brain aneurysms. You can learn more about the foundation here.

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