Reviews / Testimonials

“If you read one book this month, Poco a Poco, by Michele Morris, is a must. I started reading and did not want to put it down until I finished the book.”

“Many of the things she writes so frankly about are what most of us encounter during times when loved ones are sick. Are we doing enough for our loved one, where part does faith play in my life, how do I accept the kindness of strangers and friends? Michele works through these questions and navigates her husband’s medical issues … and brings us close to her heart while doing so with candor about her deepest thoughts.”

“Michele’s story of shock, suffering, hope, caregiving, and strength provides boundless insight into how pain can provide opportunities to build strength, ultimately leading to inner peace. An important read for those suffering a sudden loss or illness.”

“The perspective that [she] shared in the book undoubtedly remarks the human and realistic conditions that accompany the journey of a brain injury. Words like [hers] bring us closer to the significance of life and love.”

“It’s insightful, poignant, and a gift to the reader.”

“Extremely well-written with uncommon candor and painful honesty.”

“Beautifully written. Tragic story, brilliant author.”

“Truly a heartbreaking journey that brought tears to my eyes. That [she was] able to find so much good out of such tragedy is truly inspiring.”

“…so moving and inspirational. [Her] transparency and honesty really touched me.”

“WOW. I was captivated by [the story].”

“Just finished Poco A Poco and it was beautiful…and such a tribute of love.”

“…touching and inspirational…beautifully written.”